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 Returns and Complaints 

Online Store Terms & Conditions 

§1 General provisions 

1. Online shop [hereafter „the store”] runs retail sale via Internet based on these Terms & Conditions [hereafter „Terms & Conditions”]. 

2. The owner of the store is: PUCHATEK BABY based in Mąchocice Kapitulne, Dolna 170 

TIN: 6572774266, mobile: 505 096 145, email address: 

3. The Terms & Conditions are an integral part of sales contract concluded with a customer. 

4. The acceptance of The Terms & Conditions is required to conclude the sales contract. 

5. The prices given in the Store are gross prices (VAT included). 

6. All the goods available in the Store are free from any physical and legal defect. 

§2 Orders 

1. Orders can be placed in the following way: 

a) by filling in the form available on the Store’s website, 

b) by e-mail sent to the address available on the Store’s website, 

c) by phone using dedicated numbers available on the Store’s website under Contact. 

2. To accept an order, the Customer must provide some compulsory information allowing to verify the Customer and the Consignee. The Store confirms the order via e-mail or by phone. The Store has the right to decline the acceptance of the order, to limit the method of payment or to demand advanced payment if the order raises legitimate concerns of accuracy or reliability of provided data or the method of payment. 

3. The parties are bound by the product information available on the Store’s website in the moment of placing the order, i.e.: the price, characteristics of the product, components of the set, delivery timescales and methods. 

4. Information on the Store’s website does not constitute an offer in legal terms. The Customer extends an offer of purchasing certain product by placing an order. Conclusion of the contract sale takes place after confirming the order by the Customer by clicking the link sent via e-mail from the Store to The Customer. 

§3 Payments 

1. The Customer can choose the method of payment from the ones listed in Methods of Payment. 

2. Delivery charges are set out in the delivery price list. 

3. Delivery is performed after payment for goods and shipment. 

§4 Shipment of goods 

1. The store sends orders by delivery companies such as the Post Office or courier companies. Order can also be collected by the Customer at the Stores premises. 

2. In case of the card payment, time of the delivery is counted from the moment of positive authorisation. 

3. In case of any other method of payment (except COD) time of the delivery will be longer according to waiting time for the payment to be processed and accounted on the Store’s bank account. 

§5 Complaints 

1. The complaint is accepted on the basis of the proof of purchase (a receipt or a VAT invoice). 

2. Should any discrepancies between the product and the contract sale occur, the Customer should send back the goods to the Store with a description of the discrepancy. 

3. The Store will respond to the complaint within 14 business days from the moment of returning the product with the description of discrepancy. If the expert’s findings or manufacturer’s opinion are needed, the time of the response will be extended by necessary time to obtain documents mentioned above. 

4. If the complaint is legitimate, the cost of the repair or the delivery of a new product is covered by the Store. 

5. Individual settings of the Customer's computer and monitor causing erroneous or distorted display of information about goods (e.g. colours) cannot be the basis for a complaint. 

§6 The Right of Withdrawal 

1. Under the Act of 2nd March 2020 on protection of certain rights of the customers and liability for the damage done by hazardous products, the Customer has the right of withdrawal. 

2. The right of withdrawal becomes effective when the Customer makes a statement of withdrawal within 10 days from the moment of receiving goods. 

3. The Customer returns the goods to the Store within 14 days from the moment of making a statement of withdrawal. Returned goods must be unused, with original tags and packaging. The cost of the delivery is covered by the Customer. 

4. The Store will check the condition of the returned product within 3 working days from the moment of receiving the product. 

5. The Store sends back the full refund reduced by the cost of delivery to the Customer within 7 days from the moment of checking the condition of goods. The Customer should state the bank account number which the refund will be send to. In case of the card payment, the refund will be credited to the card used to make a given payment. 

6. In the event of a breach of conditions mentioned above, the right of withdrawal is not effective, the goods cannot be returned, and the Store does not refund the paid amount. 

7. The Customer does not have the right of withdrawal in cases described in the Article 10 Section 3 of the Law mentioned above, i.e.: 

a) provision of services commenced, upon the consent of the customer, prior to the lapse of the withdrawal time (it concerns cases of provision of services, not sales of the goods), 

b) audio and visual recordings, and data stored on digital data carriers after removing its original packaging by the Customer, c) contracts for which renumeration depends exclusively on price movement on the financial market, d) benefits with properties specified by the Customer in the placed order or closely related with them, e) goods which cannot be returned because of their specification, or the ones which are subject to quick damage, f) delivering print media, g) goods applied to gambling services. 

§7 Privacy Protection 

1.By placing the order, the Customer agrees to processing of their personal data exclusively for the purpose of order. 

2. The Customer may also agree to receiving advertising aids, including commercial reports. 3. The Customer has the right to have access to their data, to correct it, and demand deleting it. 

§8 Intellectual Property 

It is prohibited to use any materials published on the Stores website (including photographs and description of goods) without the Stores written consent. 

§9 Entry into force and amendments to the Terms & Conditions 

1. The Terms & Conditions enter into force when published on the Store’s website. 2. The Store reserves the right to change and modify the Terms & Conditions which will enter into force when published on the Store’s website. Previous Terms & Conditions are still applicable to the contract sales concluded before the changes. 

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